Welcome! This is the documentation for ezdxf 0.8.9, last updated May 06, 2018.


Python 2 support will be dropped in ezdxf v0.9.0, because Python 2 support get more and more annoying. ezdxf v0.9.0 requires at least Python 3.6, because I want f-strings!


  • ezdxf is a Python package to create new DXF files and read/modify/write existing DXF files
  • the intended audience are developers
  • requires at least CPython 3.6, because of more and more troubles with Python 2 support for Python 2 will be dropped in ezdxf v0.9.0
  • OS independent
  • additional required packages: pyparsing
  • MIT-License
  • read/write/new support for DXF versions: R12, R2000, R2004, R2007, R2010, R2013 and R2018
  • additional read support for DXF versions R13/R14 (upgraded to R2000)
  • additional read support for older DXF versions than R12 (upgraded to R12)
  • preserves third-party DXF content
  • additional Fast DXF R12 File/Stream Writer, that creates just an ENTITIES section with support for the basic DXF entities


Documentation of development version at https://ezdxf.mozman.at/docs

Documentation of latest release at http://ezdxf.readthedocs.io/

Source Code: http://github.com/mozman/ezdxf.git

Issue Tracker at GitHub: http://github.com/mozman/ezdxf/issues

Questions and Feedback at Google Groups



Version 0.8.9 - dev

  • Release notes: https://ezdxf.mozman.at/release-v0-8-9.html

  • IMPORTANT: Python 2 support will be dropped in ezdxf v0.9.0, because Python 2 support get more and more annoying.

  • tox does not succeed with pypy 2.7, package_data config in setup.py fails in pypy 2.7

  • CHANGE: refactoring of internal tag representation for smaller memory footprint, but with some speed penalty

  • NEW: packed data for more memory efficient data storage for some entities

  • NEW: packed data for LWPOLYLINE points, faster __getitem__; added __setitem__, __delitem__, insert() and append() methods; renamed discard_points() in clear(); removed get_rstrip_points() and ctx manager rstrip_points(); user defined point format;

  • NEW: packed data for SPLINE, knots and weights stored as 4-byte float arrays, vertices stored as 8-byte double arrays; Spline.get_knot_values(), Spline.get_weights(), Spline.get_control_points() and Spline.get_fit_points() are deprecated, direct access to this attributes by Spline.knot_values, Spline.weights, Spline.control_points and Spline.fit_points all with a list-like interface. Knot, control point and fit point counter updated automatically, therefor counters are read only now.

  • NEW: packed data for MESH, vertices, faces, edges and edge crease values stored as array.array(), high level interface unchanged

  • NEW: Drawing.layouts_and_blocks(), iterate over all layouts (mode space and paper space) and all block definitions.

  • NEW: Drawing.chain_layouts_and_blocks(), chain entity spaces of all layouts and blocks. Yields an iterator for all entities in all layouts and blocks

  • NEW: Drawing.query(), entity query over all layouts and blocks

  • NEW: Drawing.groupby(), groups DXF entities of all layouts and blocks by an DXF attribute or a key function

  • NEW: Layout.set_redraw_order() and Layout.get_redraw_order(), to change redraw order of entities in model space and paper space layouts

  • NEW: BlockLayout.is_layout_block, True if block is a model space or paper space block definition

  • CHANGE: Drawing.blocks.delete_block(name, safe=True), new parameter save, check if block is still referenced (raises DXFValueError)

  • CHANGE: Drawing.blocks.delete_all_blocks(safe=True), new parameter save, ignores blocks still referenced if safe is True

  • Basic read support for almost all missing DXF entities/objects

    • HELIX
    • LEADER
    • LIGHT
    • MLEADER (incomplete)
    • MLINE (incomplete)
    • TABLE (incomplete)
    • FIELD (incomplete)
    • FIELDLIST (not documented by Autodesk, with packed data)
    • IDBUFFER (with packed data)
    • RENDER (todo)
    • SECTION (todo)
    • SPATIAL_FILTER (todo)
    • SUN
    • SUNSTUDY (todo)
    • TABLESTYLE (incomplete)
    • VBA_PROJECT (todo)
    • VISUALSTYLE (todo)

Version 0.8.8 - 2018-04-02

  • Release notes: https://ezdxf.mozman.at/release-v0-8-8.html
  • NEW: read/write support for GEODATA entity
  • NEW: support for extension dictionaries
  • NEW: add_spline_control_frame(), create and add B-spline control frame from fit points
  • NEW: add_spline_approx(), approximate B-spline by a reduced count of control points
  • NEW: ezdxf.setup_linetypes(dwg), setup standard line types
  • NEW: ezdxf.setup_styles(dwg), setup standard text styles
  • NEW: LWPolyline.vertices() yields all points as (x, y) tuples in OCS, LWPolyline.dxf.elevation is the z-axis value
  • NEW: LWPolyline.vertices_in_wcs() yields all points as (x, y, z) tuples in WCS
  • NEW: basic __str__() and __repr__() support for DXF entities, returns just DXF type and handle
  • NEW: bulge related function in module ezdxf.algebra.bulge
  • NEW: Object Coordinate System support by DXFEntity.ocs() and OCS() class in module ezdxf.algebra
  • NEW: User Coordinate System support by UCS() class in module ezdxf.algebra
  • CHANGE: DXFEntity.set_app_data() and Entity.set_xdata accept also list of tuples as tags, DXFTag() is not required
  • BUGFIX: entity structure validator excepts group code >= 1000 before XDATA section (used in AutoCAD Civil 3D and AutoCAD Map 3D)

Version 0.8.7 - 2018-03-04

  • Release notes: https://ezdxf.mozman.at/release-v0-8-7.html
  • NEW: entity.get_layout() returns layout in which entity resides or None if unassigned
  • NEW: copy any DXF entity by entity.copy() without associated layout, add copy to any layout you want, by layout.add_entity().
  • NEW: copy entity to another layout by entity.copy_to_layout(layout)
  • NEW: move entity from actual layout to another layout by entity.move_to_layout(layout)
  • NEW: support for splines by control points: add_open_spline(), add_closed_spline(), add_rational_spline(), add_closed_rational_spline()
  • NEW: bspline_control_frame() calculates B-spline control points from fit points, but not the same as AutoCAD
  • NEW: R12Spline add-on, 2d B-spline with control frame support by AutoCAD, but curve is just an approximated POLYLINE
  • NEW: added entity.get_flag_state() and entity.set_flag_state() for easy access to binary coded flags
  • NEW: set new $FINGERPRINTGUID for new drawings
  • NEW: set new $VERSIONGUID on saving a drawing
  • NEW: improved IMAGE support, by adding RASTERVARIABLES entity, use Drawing.set_raster_variables(frame, quality, units)
  • BUGFIX: closing user defined image boundary path automatically, else AutoCAD crashes

Version 0.8.6 - 2018-02-17

  • Release notes: https://ezdxf.mozman.at/release-v0-8-6.html
  • NEW: ezdxf project website: https://ezdxf.mozman.at/
  • CHANGE: create all missing tables of the TABLES sections for DXF R12
  • BUGFIX: entities on new layouts will be saved
  • NEW: Layout.page_setup() and correct ‘main’ viewport for DXF R2000+; For DXF R12 page_setup() exists, but does not provide useful results. Page setup for DXF R12 is still a mystery to me.
  • NEW: Table(), MText(), Ellipse(), Spline(), Bezier(), Clothoid(), LinearDimension(), RadialDimension(), ArcDimension() and AngularDimension() composite objects from dxfwrite as add-ons, these add-ons support DXF R12
  • NEW: geometry builder as add-ons: MeshBuilder(), MeshVertexMerger(), MengerSponge(), SierpinskyPyramid(), these add-ons require DXF R2000+ (MESH entity)
  • BUGFIX: fixed invalid implementation of context manager for r12writer

Version 0.8.5 - 2018-01-28

  • Release notes: https://ezdxf.mozman.at/release-v0-8-5.html
  • CHANGE: block names are case insensitive ‘TEST’ == ‘Test’ (like AutoCAD)
  • CHANGE: table entry (layer, linetype, style, dimstyle, …) names are case insensitive ‘TEST’ == ‘Test’ (like AutoCAD)
  • CHANGE: raises DXFInvalidLayerName() for invalid characters in layer names: <>/”:;?*|=`
  • CHANGE: audit process rewritten
  • CHANGE: skip all comments, group code 999
  • CHANGE: removed compression for unused sections (THUMBNAILSECTION, ACDSDATA)
  • NEW: write DXF R12 files without handles: set dwg.header[‘$HANDLING’]=0, default value is 1
  • added subclass marker filter for R12 and prior files in legacy_mode=True (required for malformed DXF files)
  • removed special check for Leica Disto Unit files, use readfile(filename, legacy_mode=True) (malformed DXF R12 file, see previous point)

Version 0.8.4 - 2018-01-14

  • Release notes: https://ezdxf.mozman.at/release-v0-8-4.html

  • NEW: Support for complex line types with text or shapes

  • NEW: DXF file structure validator at SECTION level, tags outside of sections will be removed

  • NEW: Basic read support for DIMENSION

  • CHANGE: improved exception management, in the future ezdxf should only raise exceptions inherited from DXFError for DXF related errors, previous exception classes still work

    • DXFValueError(DXFError, ValueError)
    • DXFKeyError(DXFError, KeyError)
    • DXFAttributeError(DXFError, AttributeError)
    • DXFIndexError(DXFError, IndexError)
    • DXFTableEntryError(DXFValueError)
  • speedup low level tag reader around 5%, and speedup tag compiler around 5%

Version 0.8.3 - 2018-01-02

  • CHANGE: Lwpolyline - suppress yielding z coordinates if they exists (DXFStructureError: z coordinates are not defined in the DXF standard)
  • NEW: setup creates a script called ‘dxfpp’ (DXF Pretty Printer) in the Python script folder
  • NEW: basic support for DXF format AC1032 introduced by AutoCAD 2018
  • NEW: ezdxf use logging and writes all logs to a logger called ‘ezdxf’. Logging setup is the domain of the application!
  • NEW: warns about multiple block definitions with the same name in a DXF file. (DXFStructureError)
  • NEW: legacy_mode parameter in ezdxf.read() and ezdxf.readfile(): tries do fix coordinate order in LINE entities (10, 11, 20, 21) by the cost of around 5% overall speed penalty at DXF file loading

Version 0.8.2 - 2017-05-01

  • NEW: Insert.delete_attrib(tag) - delete ATTRIB entities from the INSERT entity
  • NEW: Insert.delete_all_attribs() - delete all ATTRIB entities from the INSERT entity
  • BUGFIX: setting attribs_follow=1 at INSERT entity before adding an attribute entity works

Version 0.8.1 - 2017-04-06

  • NEW: added support for constant ATTRIB/ATTDEF to the INSERT (block reference) entity
  • NEW: added ATTDEF management methods to BlockLayout (has_attdef, get_attdef, get_attdef_text)
  • NEW: added (read/write) properties to ATTDEF/ATTRIB for setting flags (is_const, is_invisible, is_verify, is_preset)

Version 0.8.0 - 2017-03-28

  • added groupby(dxfattrib=’‘, key=None) entity query function, it is supported by all layouts and the query result container: Returns a dict, where entities are grouped by a dxfattrib or the result of a key function.
  • added ezdxf.audit() for DXF error checking for drawings created by ezdxf - but not very capable yet
  • dxfattribs in factory functions like add_line(dxfattribs=…), now are copied internally and stay unchanged, so they can be reused multiple times without getting modified by ezdxf.
  • removed deprecated Drawing.create_layout() -> Drawing.new_layout()
  • removed deprecated Layouts.create() -> Layout.new()
  • removed deprecated Table.create() -> Table.new()
  • removed deprecated DXFGroupTable.add() -> DXFGroupTable.new()
  • BUFIX in EntityQuery.extend()

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