Tutorial for Creating Simple DXF DrawingsΒΆ

Fast DXF R12 File/Stream Writer - create simple DXF R12 drawings with a restricted entities set: LINE, CIRCLE, ARC, TEXT, POINT, SOLID, 3DFACE and POLYLINE. Advantage of the r12writer is the speed and the low memory footprint, all entities are written direct to the file/stream without building a drawing data structure in memory.

Create a new DXF drawing with ezdxf.new() to use all available DXF entities:

import ezdxf

dwg = ezdxf.new('R2010')  # create a new DXF R2010 drawing, official DXF version name: 'AC1024'

msp = dwg.modelspace()  # add new entities to the model space
msp.add_line((0, 0), (10, 0))  # add a LINE entity

New entities are always added to layouts, a layout can be the model space, a paper space layout or a block layout.

See also

Look at the Layout factory methods to see all the available DXF entities.