Tutorial for Underlay and UnderlayDefinitionΒΆ

Insert a PDF, DWF, DWFx or DGN file as drawing underlay, the underlay file is NOT embedded into the DXF file:

import ezdxf

doc = ezdxf.new('AC1015')  # underlay requires the DXF R2000 format or later
my_underlay_def = doc.add_underlay_def(filename='my_underlay.pdf', name='1')
# The (PDF)DEFINITION entity is like a block definition, it just defines the underlay
# 'name' is misleading, because it defines the page/sheet to be displayed
# PDF: name is the page number to display
# DGN: name='default' ???
# DWF: ????

msp = doc.modelspace()
# add first underlay
msp.add_underlay(my_underlay_def, insert=(2, 1, 0), scale=0.05)
# The (PDF)UNDERLAY entity is like the INSERT entity, it creates an underlay reference,
# and there can be multiple references to the same underlay in a drawing.

msp.add_underlay(my_underlay_def, insert=(4, 5, 0), scale=.5, rotation=30)

# get existing underlay definitions, Important: UNDERLAYDEFs resides in the objects section
pdf_defs = doc.objects.query('PDFDEFINITION')  # get all pdf underlay defs in drawing