AutoCAD Color Index (ACI)


The 3D ACIS Modeler (ACIS) is a geometric modeling kernel developed by Spatial Corp. ® (formerly Spatial Technology) and now part of Dassault Systems. All ACIS based DXF entities store their geometry as SAT or SAB data. These are not open data formats and a license has to be purchased to get access to their SDK, therefore ezdxf can not provide any support for creating, processing or transforming of ACIS based DXF entities.


The Bulge value is used to create arc shaped line segments in Polyline and LWPolyline entities.


Computer-Assisted Drafting or Computer-Aided Design


Color dependent plot style table (ColorDependentPlotStyles)


Proprietary file format of AutoCAD ®. Documentation for this format is available from the Open Design Alliance (ODA) at their Downloads section. This documentation is created by reverse engineering therefore not perfect nor complete.


Drawing eXchange Format is a file format used by AutoCAD ® to interchange data with other CAD applications. DXF is a trademark of Autodesk ®. See also What is DXF?


The proxy-graphic is an internal data format to add a graphical representation to DXF entities which are unknown (custom DXF entities), not documented or very complex so CAD applications can display them without knowledge about the internal structure of these entities.


Raw color value as stored in DWG files, this integer value can represent ACI values as well as and true-color values

reliable CAD application

CAD applications which create valid DXF documents in the meaning and interpretation of Autodesk. See also What is DXF?


ACIS file format (Standard ACIS Binary), binary stored data


ACIS file format (Standard ACIS Text), data stored as ASCII text


Named plot style table (NamedPlotStyles)


RGB color representation, a combination red, green and blue values to define a color.