Rendering SHX Fonts

The SHX font format is not documented nor supported by many libraries/packages like Matplotlib and Qt, therefore only SHX fonts which have corresponding TTF-fonts can be rendered by these backends. The mapping from/to SHX/TTF fonts is hard coded in the source code file: ezdxf/tools/

Rebuild Internal Font Cache

Ezdxf uses Matplotlib to manage fonts and caches the collected information. If you wanna use new installed fonts which are not included in the default cache files of ezdxf you have to rebuild the cache files:

import ezdxf
from import fonts

# xdg_path() returns "$XDG_CACHE_HOME/ezdxf" or "~/.cache/ezdxf" if
# $XDG_CACHE_HOME is not set
font_cache_dir = ezdxf.options.xdg_path("XDG_CACHE_HOME", ".cache")
ezdxf.options.font_cache_directory = font_cache_dir
# Save changes to the default config file "~/.config/ezdxf/ezdxf.ini"
# to load the font cache always from the new location.

For more information see the ezdxf.options and the module.

Matplotlib Doesn’t Find Fonts

If Matplotlib does not find an installed font and rebuilding the matplotlib font cache does not help, deleting the cache file ~/.matplotlib/fontlist-v330.json (or similar file in newer versions) may help.

For more information see the module.