DXF Unicode Decoder

The DXF format uses a special form of unicode encoding: “\U+xxxx”.

To avoid a speed penalty such encoded characters are not decoded automatically by the regular loading function:func:ezdxf.readfile, only the recover module does the decoding automatically, because this loading mode is already slow.

This kind of encoding is most likely used only in older DXF versions, because since DXF R2007 the whole DXF file is encoded in utf8 and a special unicode encoding is not necessary.

The ezdxf.has_dxf_unicode() and ezdxf.decode_dxf_unicode() are new support functions to decode unicode characters “\U+xxxx” manually.

ezdxf.has_dxf_unicode(s: str) bool

Returns True if string s contains \U+xxxx encoded characters.

ezdxf.decode_dxf_unicode(s: str) str

Decode \U+xxxx encoded characters.