Add Resource Table Entries

All resources require a unique name in their category (names are case-insensitive).


A layer in a DXF document is a category that controls visual properties (like color and linetype) for associated entities. It acts like a grouping tag, not a container.

Add a new layer to a DXF document:

doc.layers.add("MY_NEW_LAYER", color=1, linetype="DASHED")

DXF entities reference layers, but layers themselves don’t directly contain entities. Instead, each entity has a dxf.layer attribute that specifies the layer by name it belongs to.


The linetype defines the rendering pattern of linear graphical entities like LINE, ARC, CIRCLE and so on.

Add a new linetype to a DXF document:

doc.linetypes.add("DOTTED", pattern=[0.2, 0.0, -0.2])

Text Style

The text style defines the rendering font for text based entities like TEXT, ATTRIB and MTEXT.

Add a new text style to a DXF document:

doc.styles.add("ARIAL", font="arial.ttf")

Dimension Style

The dimension style defines the initial properties for the DIMENSION entity.

Add a new dimension style to a DXF document:



The XDATA section of DXF entities is grouped by AppIDs and these ids require an entry in the AppIDTable otherwise the DXF file in invalid (for AutoCAD):