class Dimension(GraphicEntity)


Create dimensions in layouts and blocks by following factory functions

  • add_linear_dim()
  • add_aligned_dim()
  • add_angular_dim()
  • add_diameter_dim()
  • add_radial_dim()
  • add_angular_3p_dim()
  • add_ordinate_dim()

DXF Attributes for Dimension

Common DXF Attributes for DXF R12

Common DXF Attributes for DXF R13 or later


Definition point for all dimension types (WCS or UCS)


All of the DimStyle attributes can be overridden for each Dimension entity individually, for this functionality exists this special DimStyleOverride class.

The DimStyleOverride class manages all the complex dependencies between DimStyle, Dimension, the different features for all DXF versions and the rendering process, which is required for AutoCAD. And therefore all the convenience function for a more easy dimension handling are also located this class.

class DimStyleOverride