A 3DFace is real 3D solid filled triangle or quadrilateral, dxftype is 3DFACE. Access corner points by name (entity.dxf.vtx0 = (1.7, 2.3)) or by index (entity[0] = (1.7, 2.3)). Create 3DFaces in layouts and blocks by factory function add_3dface().

class 3DFace(GraphicEntity)

DXF Attributes for 3DFace

Common DXF Attributes for DXF R12

Common DXF Attributes for DXF R13 or later


location of the 1. point (3D Point in WCS)


location of the 2. point (3D Point in WCS)


location of the 3. point (3D Point in WCS)


location of the 4. point (3D Point in WCS)


invisible edge flag (int, default=0)

1 first edge is invisible
2 second edge is invisible
4 third edge is invisible
8 fourth edge is invisible

Combine values by adding them, e.g. 1+4 = first and third edge is invisible.