ELLIPSE (DXF Reference) with center point at location dxf.center and a major axis dxf.major_axis as vector. dxf.ratio is the ratio of minor axis to major axis. dxf.start_param and dxf.end_param defines the starting- and the end point of the ellipse, a full ellipse goes from 0 to 2*pi. The ellipse goes from starting- to end param in counter clockwise direction.

dxf.extrusion is supported, but does not establish an OCS, but creates an 3D entity by extruding the base ellipse in direction of the dxf.extrusion vector.

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DXF type


factory function


Inherited DXF attributes

Common graphical DXF attributes

Required DXF version

DXF R2000 ('AC1015')

class ezdxf.entities.Ellipse

Center point of circle (2D/3D Point in WCS)


Endpoint of major axis, relative to the dxf.center (Vector), default value is (1, 0, 0).


Ratio of minor axis to major axis (float), has to be in range from 0.000001 to 1, default value is 1.


Start parameter (float), default value is 0.


End parameter (float), default value is 2*pi.


Returns the start point of the ellipse in WCS.

New in version 0.11.


Returns the end point of the ellipse in WCS.

New in version 0.11.


Returns the minor axis of the ellipse as Vector in WCS.

New in version 0.12.

construction_tool() → ConstructionEllipse

Returns construction tool ezdxf.math.ConstructionEllipse.

New in version 0.13.

apply_construction_tool(e: ConstructionEllipse) → Ellipse

Set ELLIPSE data from construction tool ezdxf.math.ConstructionEllipse.

New in version 0.13.

vertices(params: Iterable[float]) → Iterable[Vector]

Yields vertices on ellipse for iterable params in WCS.


params – param values in the range from 0 to 2*pi in radians, param goes counter clockwise around the extrusion vector, major_axis = local x-axis = 0 rad.

params(num: int) → Iterable[float]

Returns num params from start- to end param in counter clockwise order.

All params are normalized in the range from [0, 2pi).

transform(m: Matrix44) → Ellipse

Transform ELLIPSE entity by transformation matrix m inplace.

New in version 0.13.

translate(dx: float, dy: float, dz: float) → Ellipse

Optimized ELLIPSE translation about dx in x-axis, dy in y-axis and dz in z-axis, returns self (floating interface).

New in version 0.13.

to_spline(replace=True) → Spline

Convert ELLIPSE to a Spline entity.

Adds the new SPLINE entity to the entity database and to the same layout as the source entity.

  • layout – modelspace- , paperspace- or block layout

  • replace – replace (delete) source entity by SPLINE entity if True

New in version 0.13.

classmethod from_arc(entity: DXFGraphic) → Ellipse

Create a new ELLIPSE entity from ARC or CIRCLE entity.

The new SPLINE entity has no owner, no handle, is not stored in the entity database nor assigned to any layout!

New in version 0.13.