class Ellipse(GraphicEntity)

Introduced in AutoCAD R13 (DXF version AC1012), dxftype is ELLIPSE.

An ellipse with center point at location center and a major axis major_axis as vector. ratio is the ratio of minor axis to major axis. start_param and end_param defines start and end point of the ellipse, a full ellipse goes from 0 to 2*pi. The ellipse goes from start to end param in counter clockwise direction. Create ellipses in layouts and blocks by factory function add_ellipse().

Ellipse.dxf.extrusion is supported, but does not establish an OCS, it is used to create an 3D entity by extruding the base ellipse.

DXF Attributes for Ellipse

Common DXF Attributes for DXF R13 or later


center point of circle (2D/3D Point in WCS)


Endpoint of major axis, relative to the center (tuple of float)


Ratio of minor axis to major axis (float)


Start parameter (this value is 0.0 for a full ellipse) (float)


End parameter (this value is 2*pi for a full ellipse) (float)