class Block

Blocks are embedded into the BlockLayout object. The BLOCK entity is accessible by BlockLayout.block.

DXF Attributes for Block

Common DXF Attributes for DXF R12

Common DXF Attributes for DXF R13 or later

Block name


The same block name a second time (meaning?)


Defines the base point of the block, default=(0, 0, 0)


Block flags (bit-coded)

1 Anonymous block generated by hatching, associative dimensioning, other internal operations, or an application
2 Block has non-constant attribute definitions (this bit is not set if the block has any attribute definitions that are constant, or has no attribute definitions at all)
4 Block is an external reference (xref)
8 Block is an xref overlay
16 Block is externally dependent
32 This is a resolved external reference, or dependent of an external reference (ignored on input)
64 This definition is a referenced external reference (ignored on input)

Xref path name


True if block is a model space or paper space block definition.