Release v0.11

By mozman, Sa 15 Februar 2020, in category Release

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ezdxf v0.11 requires CPython 3.6 or the latest pypy3 version for installation, testing and development.

Now using standard git branches master and stable:

Dimension Support

Additional support for creating radial and diameter dimensions

UCS based Transformation

For a more simple usage many entities support a transform_to_wcs() method. This entities can be created by using UCS (User Coordinate System) locations and transform them into WCS coordinates by transform_to_wcs(ucs). Therefore the UCS() class got new transformation features:

Tutorial for UCS based Transformation

Following DXF entities support transform_to_wcs():

Embedded ACIS entities like 3DSOLID, REGION, SURFACE and so on, do not expose their geometry without a commercial license from Spatial Inc. and therefore can not be modified by ezdxf!

Mesh Transformation

The MeshTransformer class supports many inplace transformations like translate, scale and rotate, it is a subclass of MeshBuilder() and therefore compatible to the DXF MESH entity, POLYMESH and POLYFACE support will be added soon.

Following factory functions from module ezdxf.render return MeshTransformer() objects:

PyCSG Add-On

Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) is a modeling technique that uses Boolean operations like union and intersection to combine 3D solids. The MeshTransformer() class is the interface between ezdxf and pycsg.

For more information go to ezdxf.addons.pycsg.

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