Point Rendering

Helper function to render Point entities as DXF primitives.

ezdxf.render.point.virtual_entities(point: Point, pdsize: float = 1, pdmode: int = 0) list[DXFGraphic]

Yields point graphic as DXF primitives LINE and CIRCLE entities. The dimensionless point is rendered as zero-length line!

Check for this condition:

e.dxftype() == 'LINE' and e.dxf.start.isclose(e.dxf.end)

if the rendering engine can’t handle zero-length lines.

  • point – DXF POINT entity

  • pdsize – point size in drawing units

  • pdmode – point styling mode, see Point class

See also

Go to ezdxf.entities.Point class documentation for more information about POINT styling modes.