Release v0.8.6

By mozman, Sa 17 Februar 2018, in category Release

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Paper Space Layout Page Setup

This release brings page setup for paper space layouts, at least for DXF R2000+, for DXF R12 I still don't know how page setup works.

layout ='Layout2')
layout.page_setup(size=(297, 210), margins=(10, 15, 10, 15), units='mm')

This defines an ISO A4 page with a width of 297mm and a height of 210mm, and margin values in clockwise order: top-, right-, bottom- and left-margin. See also example file: examples/

Bugfix to save entities added to a paper space layout.

Add-ons Subpackage

the subpackage ezdxf.addons contains additional modules, functions and high level helper classes. The core ezdxf package stays independent from this addons.

For an easier transition from dxfwrite to ezdxf, I added the composite entities of dxfwrite as helper classes:

Other helper classes in the subpackage ezdxf.addons:


Because I forgot the audit subpackage in release v0.8.5 in, I have installed tox in my develop environment, to verify a complete install process. I also added the integration_tests and associated test data to the source install package which now has more than 1MB, but the wheel package still has less than 300kB.