Release v0.11.1

By mozman, Sa 29 Februar 2020, in category Release

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Added interface to create MeshBuilder() objects from POLYFACE and POLYMESH entities as MeshBuilder.from_polymesh(). And support to render MeshBuilder() objects as POLYFACE entities as MeshBuilder.render_polymesh(). Important difference between MESH and POLYFACE is the support of ngons by the MESH entity and not by the POLYFACE entity. The render_polyface() method will not raise an error if ngons occur at rendering, but these faces will have only the first 4 vertices the rest is ignored.


This is an extended version of MeshVertexMerger(). Location of merged vertices is the average location of all vertices with the same key, this needs extra memory and runtime in comparision to MeshVertexMerger() and this class also does not support transformations.


This add-on allows iterating over entities of the modelspace of really big (> 1GB) DXF files which do not fit into memory by only loading one entity at the time.


Added support for writing big POLYMESH and POLYFACE entities.


Refactored Auditor() into a DXF document fixer, fixes will be applied automatically (work in progress)


Added MText.plain_text(), which returns the text content without formatting codes and converts page breaks \P into \n.

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