Project Notes in Logseq

By mozman, So 12 November 2023, in category Announcement


Projects Notes in Logseq

I have started managing notes and documents that are not included in the ezdxf documentation in Logseq. The published edition of this Knowledge Graph is included on this website and is accessible via the link and via the Knowledge Graph menu entry in the upper right corner of this page.

The notes are included in the source code repository on Github and stored as Markdown files in the ezdxf/notes folder.

The Knowledge Graph includes:

Logseq's outline structure is not ideal for all the documents I want to include, but I chose Logseq over because it is open source and can publish the knowledge graph as static website, static in the sense of no server-side code execution. This feature is important for linking the information from outside the application and cannot be achieved for free with

I also use Logseq for my work notes, which it's ideal for, so I'm already familiar with the application. The application is an Electron application that runs on all platforms, with the disadvantage: it's an Electron application.

To save time and effort, I will stop posting release notes on this page. The release notes for future versions of ezdxf will be posted on the Github forum. These release notes are also included in the Knowledge Graph.