Dropping Python 2 Support

By mozman, So 06 Mai 2018, in category Announcement


Python 2 support will be dropped in ezdxf v0.9.0, because Python 2 support get more and more annoying. ezdxf v0.9.0 requires at least Python 3.5. I wanted Python 3.6 because I would like to use f-strings, but pypy is just at Python 3.5 support level.

Some reasons are:

An important fact is also, that I am coding for fun, and sticking on Python 2 features is not fun.

There will be an ezdxf v0.8.9 release with Python 2 support and may be some 0.8.* bugfix releases, but that's it.

If you have to stay on Python 2, add this line to your requirements.txt: